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The Little White House Full of Fun Finds!

Some of the best stories are the ones that involve family, tradition, hard work and compassion. People love stories that explain how something came to be, or how someone could take what seems like nothing, and turn it into something amazing. Well, this is one of those stories!

Much of the property on Stratford Road near Hanes Mall Boulevard was a farm owned by F.M. Brewer, Sr. As timed passed, sections of the property were sold and annexed, but one little piece remained part of the legacy. After sitting empty for years, Tom Brewer and Shawn Graham decided to turn it into Van Buren Consignment or “the little white house full of finds,” said Graham. “This is the last piece that’s still in the family,” said Brewer. “This land was originally my grandmother’s farm. She had eleven sons and daughters [and] they all lived nearby.”

Rezoning of the property was completed last winter, and Brewer and Graham began the renovation process in May.

“We hit one road block after another in bringing a 75-yearold home up to code with the city of Winston-Salem,” said Graham. With a tremendous amount of patience and perseverance, all final inspections were approved and the property met commercial code. “We did the renovations ourselves…it was our labor of love,” said Graham.

Brewer, a general medicine physician, and Graham, a Realtor, are opening their new consignment shop, specializing in home furnishings and accessories, to offer a shopping experience in an environment that is a fun place to add to your ‘to do’ By Meghan E.W. Corbett The “Little White House Filled with Finds” list! They are enjoying their ongoing search for an exciting selection of merchandise. “We will feature a vast array of merchandise, and you can be assured that we have something for everybody,” said Graham. “Our goal is to invite you into our ‘home’ and enjoy a wide variety of ever-changing furniture and decorating accessories, with an eclectic mix of new and old, large and small ‘finds.’”

With opening day set for December 4th, Brewer and Graham are busy making final touches and bringing in truckloads of finds to stage vignettes and fill the house with treasures. They want to assure shoppers they will not be disappointed, and each time they return, they will feel the same excitement in seeing all the new merchandise that has arrived!

When the doors open, shoppers will be amazed at the unique, one-of-a-kind pieces at surprisingly affordable prices, while enjoying food and fun music! “We really want people to feel like ‘the hunt is on,’” said Graham. “Our mission is to make sure you simply cannot walk out the door empty handed!”

Van Buren Consignment has a great deal for consignors as well. “We are paying the consignor 50%,” said Graham. “Our customers can place their merchandise in our professionally staffed store, offering a safe alternative to selling yourself.” Consignors will have the options to bring in items themselves, send photos in email, or call for in-home consultations for large items. “Consignors can consign for 50% or, for some items, they can sell outright,” said Brewer.

Perhaps one of the most refreshing features of Van Buren Consignment is the emphasis they want to put on local talent. “We really want to attract local artisans and feature their talent in our shop,” said Graham. The first featured local artist will be Kim Cress, a professional stained glass artist, who will perform a demonstration of her work during the grand opening. Her magnificent work will be included in the many great finds at Van Buren Consignment!